Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic & Salem Cat Clinic

1212 Wallace Rd NW
Salem, OR 97304



 Welcome to Our Hospital!




Hi, I'm Nomi! 

I was adopted by the Burright's when I was just a puppy and now I get to come to work with them every day.  Everyone falls in love with me when they meet me.  I help to train new team members too! 

Let me show you around!





Lobby Fun!

This is my big brother Harley! He loves coming to the clinic to visit and train team members too. You may see either one of us at your next visit. 


Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour


Checking In at the Front Desk

Welcome to our hospital!  Let's get you checked in and into an exam room.  Your technician will be out to greet you shortly.

Nomi is busy looking for your medical chart while Donna or Jenna check you in to your appointment!


The Canine Exam Room

Nice exam room, isn't it?  We've decorated it just for dogs and their owners.

Now, tell me again why you need my temperature and how you're going to get it? 



Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour

Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour


Canine Treatment Area

This is our main treatment area.  I'm sitting on our treatment tub where we do minor surgical procedures and dental cleanings.  We use the kennels behind me for any patients who need close observation.  If your pet is recovering from anesthetic or is sick, we'll have him out in the treatment area where someone is always there.



Digital X-Ray

See!  I told you I don't have your keys!



Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour


Laser Therapy

I love laser therapy!  It feels so good when I get my treatment.  Laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation and helps to treat a lot of different medical problems.

Find out more about Laser Therapy under our "Services" page!



 Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour


Your Next Host

Okay, no matter how nicely I ask, Donna won't let me show you the feline side of our clinic, The Salem Cat Clinic, because I'm a dog.  It's only for cats!  I guess I'll have to turn this tour over to Moose and her predecessor PeePee. 



Hi!  I'm Moose!

 Dr. Burright rescued me when I was just a wee kitten! So, welcome to the Salem Cat Clinic.  At our hospital, cats have their own entrance so they don't have to be around those nosy dogs!


Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour

Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour

Cat Friendly Practice

Did you know that veterinary hospitals can earn certification as a "cat friendly practice?"  It's true!  See the plaque above my head?  We have earned Gold Standard Certification from the American Association of Feline Practitioners in their Cat Friendly Practice Program.  We use low-stress handling techniques and an understanding of feline body language, as well as appeasing pheromones, to keep vet visits calm and stress free for your kitty.




Feline Exam Room

Cats have their own exam room at the Salem Cat Clinic.  It's the only exam room with a window and a view!


                    Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic tour


Feline Treatment Area

We have a special treatment area too, so cats can relax without having to be around those scary dogs.  See what I'm sniffing?  I love it!  It's Feliway, the pheromone diffuser that helps cats relax when here at the clinic.




Our Feline Ward

When your kitty stays with us, he'll have a cozy kennel in a room away from the dogs.  It has a window too.  I like to stay up high where I can look out all day.


We hope you enjoyed this tour! 
We have an "Open Doors" policy. If you want to tour our facility in person, we will be happy to show you around! Come on in!